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Seasonal Candle Tarts (or melts):   (Scroll down)
These Candles melts have the most fantastic powerful aromas and use essential oils that compliment each other for a specific purpose or season.  Four seasons are always available and then as the wheel of the year turns we offer a melt specific to that time of year..
 Click here for those of you unfamiliar with how to use candle tarts.                                                             

Snowdrop Melt
Despite the wintry temperatures the first signs of spring are emerging!  Catch those hints with crushed dried Bay and essential oils of Rosemary, Myrrh, Basil and Bay.                                                2.50 each
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Back      snow/imbolc 

Persephone's Dawn Melt
Spring is finally here!  Open your windows and let the breeze in.   Essential oils of Lavender, Jasmine,  and Clary Sage with dried lavender. 
                                                            2.50 each

Back   oestara/mspd

Midsummer Melt
Imagine freshly mown grass and brushing your hand lightly across the lavender as you walk through the garden.  Chamomile, lavender with a hint of lemon verbena, basil & dried chamomile flowers.
                                                              2.50 each

Back    OUT OF STOCK    litha/mid 

Dionysus Melt
Wow!  A hedonistic mixture for rebirth, lust, sex and magical energy.... Essential oils of sweet fennel, pine,  patchouli, ginger, vanilla, rosemary and dried fennel  (p&p free)                                               2.50 each

Back                              lammas/dio  

Indian Summer Melt
Celebrate the harvest and capture the essence of the last rays of warmth from the sun, with pine, marigold, sage and dried marigold petals.  
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                                                            2.50  each

Back OUT OF STOCK mabon/ind 

Witch's Brew
A spicy, warming, magical combination of Cedarwood, Cypress, Cinnamon, Patchouli & Juniper berries.  These oils have associations with energies, balance, prosperity, and protection.                                                 2.50 each
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Back      samhain/melt 

Mistletoe Melt
Mystical and magical green aromas with pine, bergamot, lemon, oakmoss, sandalwood & cedarwood.                                            2.50 each

Back                  yule 

Winter Spice Melt
Reminiscent of crackling fires, holly, mistletoe and  mulled wine! Celebrate this magical time of year with the aromas of  Orange and Cinnamon and crushed cloves.                                                   2.50 each

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